We compiled a list of the most positively reviewed and best-selling double strollers and ended up with 35 models. We then applied our criteria to narrow down that group, ruling out strollers with many negative reviews that mentioned issues like wobbly wheels or seats with blocked views. We decided not to test twin car-seat frames, since they are really useful only for families with infant twins, and we didn’t end up testing any umbrella doubles because of the many negative reviews recounting how difficult they were to push and turn. Finally, we ruled out strollers that cost more than $1,500. We tried out five doubles in person at Baby Grand, and were able to shorten our list to 11.
The most popular configurations are side by side and in line, explained in more detail below. However, double strollers are also available in the light, manoeuvrable umbrella style, which sports a light shade on top for sun or rain protection. A heavy duty version, the jogging stroller, is designed to tackle rougher terrain. The sit-and-stand stroller offers flexibility, with either one child standing, or both kids seated and buckled. Learn more about strollers and purchasing tips with our stroller buying guide.
The UPPAbaby Vista is a fantastic high-end choice we recommend for parents that want a little more of everything and aren't worried about the additional cost that comes with it. The Vista won a Top Pick award in our Full-Size Review and an Editors' Choice award in our Double Review as it can easily grow with your family carrying up to three children. The Vista is sleek looking, easy to use, and made with quality parts and construction. This product has a variety of seating configurations and includes a toddler seat and bassinet in the purchase price. The Vista can accommodate up to two toddler seats, two infant car seats (seats and adapters purchased separately), and two bassinets, or any combination of two seat styles, either facing forward or back toward the parent. In comparison to other high-end competitors, the Vista delivers with high functionality, a lower price tag, and usually lower weight. For its size, the Vista moves well and we think parents will enjoy its adjustable handlebar and giant under seat storage bin.
Along with the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie, this stroller was a top performer on our maneuverability course, and in our tests it was one of the easiest strollers to push and turn, gliding effortlessly over a large uneven patch on the sidewalk that stopped nearly every other stroller we tried. Overall, it’s smaller, lighter, and easier to use than the BOB, and it’s better reviewed than some of the budget double joggers we ruled out before testing. Still, it’s the widest stroller we tested, at 30.75 inches. I got (nicely) called a “wide load” when trying to navigate a toy store’s aisles with it. Even though it technically fit through most of the doorways I faced, I needed to make sure it was angled in exactly the right way. I also found that navigating parking lots with the Thule and our main side-by-side pick could be very tricky, since they often didn’t fit between parked cars. Any true double jogging stroller will have this issue, however.
Baby Jogger makes a compatible Glider Board attachment, so the City Mini Double can potentially handle three kids, with the oldest standing in back and the other two in front. It can also work with one kid in a regular seat and a second child in an infant car seat made by Baby Jogger, Cybex, Graco, or Maxi Cosi (but not our pick, the Chicco KeyFit 30). Baby Jogger makes two different car seat adapters, sold separately, so make sure to read the product details carefully and check the company’s compatibility chart (PDF) to make sure you’re getting the right adapter for the kind of car seat you have.
There's nothing special about super expensive strollers. For this guide, we tested several strollers that cost over $1,000—and we mostly came away unimpressed. Premium models typically come with things like designer fabrics, customizable wheels, leather-clad handles, and other touches that have nothing to do with how well a stroller operates. While we have nothing against people opting for a designer stroller, there's no practical benefit.
Once folded, use the included shoulder strap and satchel to carry the stroller through the airport or to store it in the back of your car. The seat reclines and is protected by a sun canopy with a flip-out visor. Clever weight distribution allows for easy curb hopping, while the rear wheel suspension guarantees a comfortable ride. Choose from six different colors, including ruby and nautical. 
One of the biggest advantages that this stroller car seat combo has over other models is that it offers something for children who may be too big to sit comfortably in a regular stroller seat - a jump seat or standing platform. It still has the options of two regular stroller seats or two car seats. A covered parent tray with two cup holders and extra large storage basket keep all your essentials at hand.
Where the City Select LUX truly comes into its own, though, is when you add a second seat. We've used this with our two kids as a double stroller and it's mostly worked flawlessly. Though adding the second seat kid gets expensive, you only need that if you need two full-size seats at the same time. If you've got one older kid and one newborn, you can just use the main seat on the lower section and use adapters to connect an infant car seat.
My Little Seat isn’t really a high chair; rather, it’s a clever way of safely attaching your baby to the chair so he doesn’t fall off. The seat is a diaper-style harness and the fabric simply drapes over and affixes to an existing chair. However, because there’s no tray, you’ll have to be sure you can pull your little one all the way up to the table.
For a double jogger, the Urban Glide 2 is fairly versatile—you can jog with it with one or two kids on board, and Thule makes a buckle-on universal car seat adapter that allows parents to use the stroller for walks with one kid in a regular seat and another in a car seat (from brands including BOB, Britax, Chicco, Evenflo, Graco, Maxi Cosi, Peg Perego, Nuna, Safe-n-Sound, Safety 1st, and Uppababy). Many pediatricians recommend waiting until babies are 6 months old to run with them, and until they are a year old before taking them on rough terrain—but it’s a good idea to ask your own pediatrician when you can start. Because this stroller takes only one car seat, it won’t work for twins until they reach 6 months old.
It is somewhat difficult to remove the belt from the guides on either side (the red parts shown above) — and it can be frustrating for kids trying to do it on their own. At the end of the day, this seat is best if small folded size is your top priority – and you don’t mind dealing with a little finagling. If you need a “no brainer” seat, on the other hand, I recommend the Bubble Bum… 

Three-wheeled strollers are much like their four-wheeled counterparts in that they are meant for walking, but are more compact and easier to turn in tight spaces. Jogger strollers have a similar slim design and are just as maneuverable, but they have a stronger, more flexible suspension to make riding more comfortable for your child while you’re jogging. They also tend to have fewer bells and whistles since they’re not meant for travel, but rather everyday exercise.
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The braking system felt a little awkward to some parents, especially when wearing sandals. You press it down with your foot to engage, but have to lift it up to disengage. One parent felt the wheels were a bit too small for uneven terrain. The carrier fabric lacks some breathability, so your baby could get sweaty in hot weather. Chubby babies or those who are on the high side of the growth chart may feel too cramped in this seat.

Older versions had less headroom per seat, so toddlers’ heads often touched the top well before they outgrew the weight limit. The new version should be better with the upgrades, but keep that in mind when shopping. This new version also has limited colors available, so if you’re dead set on blue, you may be disappointed unless you opt for the older version.
For starters, a little bit about me. My name is TJ Donegan and I'm the Executive Editor of Reviewed.com, and I've spent the last decade helping people find everything from the best cameras to the best bottle warmers and the best diaper pails. More importantly, I'm a dad with two kids, so I know exactly how much of a pain it is to find the right stroller for you—and how much of a nightmare it is if you pick the wrong one.
You might also want to check if the stroller with car seat combo that you are about to purchase is right for your lifestyle. If you constantly travel, go for a model that is lightweight. However, if you are fond of running or jogging, you might be better off with a jogger or all-terrain stroller. Strollers with four wheels provide better stability but three-wheeled ones are easier to maneuver around narrow hallways and tight spaces. In the end, choose a model that will make things more comfortable and easier for you.
Britax Essentials Convertibles — the Emblem and Allegiance convertible car seats are heavier than the Scenera NEXT, SureRide, or Contender, but they install easily both on the airplane and upon arrival. However, the open belt path can sometimes place the airplane’s buckle right behind the child’s back when installed forward facing. Many kiddos find this uncomfortable.

Parents who have or are expecting twins will get the most use out of a double stroller, but they have different needs than parents with kids of different ages. Parents of twins may decide to get one stroller that does it all and can accommodate two infant car seats at once but also has regular seats and all the necessary features of a stroller they’d use for years. Alternatively, they may end up getting a simple, inexpensive frame that only carries two car seats, and a separate double stroller for when the twins are 6 months and older. You can find a few double stroller models that would work adequately for most families—that is, regardless of the age difference between the siblings—as well as many models that are optimal for toddler/infant siblings, and some that are suitable only for kids at least two and a half years apart.

The Graco Relay model is one of the best for parents who like to pick up some speed when they are running and jogging, especially for those who run hills or sprints. It features the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35, which scored a 9.2 on our list. The seat holds babies from 4 - 35 pounds. The car seat weighs 7.5 pounds without the base and its dimensions are of 30.7” L x 18.7” W x 15.6” H. Stroller folded dimensions are 20.5" L x 33.5" H x 25.5" W.